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Tired of dealing with hospitals and organizations that don’t care about you?

Want to have enough money that you could comfortably walk out on an assignment that wasn’t safe?

Want to retire before you’re too old to be able to enjoy it?

Think nurses should care about money?

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Who is Janee Clay?

Janee Clay is the leader of the Wealthy Nurse Movement. On a mission to empower nurses by helping the build wealth so they can exceed their goals and live the life of their dreams!

The Full Story


Janee Clay earned her bachelor's degree in nursing from Northwestern State University in 2011. She very quickly faced burnout working in various ICUs. On top of the burnout, she was concerned about frequent neck and back pain developing and strain in her relationships. 

In 2017, she became an NP. She thought this career path would improve her outlook. However, the new position came with its own stresses. While her neck and back thanked her, her pay had barely improved and her responsibilities grew. Taking her work home with her also didn't help her work/life balance and relationships.

In 2020, she graduated with her DNP because it was the professional thing to do to aid in the advancement the nursing profession. This ultimately cost her over $30k to make not one penny more.

When COVID hit, she had enough. She knew she needed to get out of her job she loathed, and she didn't want to wait around for something else to open up. So she decided to get her money under control so she could have enough money saved to make it through 6 months or a year without working until she found the right fit. After she took over her accounts she was able to hit her goal of $100k much earlier than she expected... in less than 1 year!

Personal Life

Janee Clay is married and a mother of one awesome toddler.

Her husband is also a nurse (though she tried to tell him not to). When she finally experienced what it was like being married to a nurse, she really felt bad for how terrible she must have been all of the years she worked night shift. 

Sleeping all of the time, being moody, and not participating in family functions can certainly make family life difficult. This is another reason why its so important for nurses to take charge of their finances, so they can find work that balances with their personal life. 

Giving Back

Janee enjoyed participating as a board member with her University's Student Nurses Association and State Student Nurses Association in school. 

She also became a board member on state's professional Nurse Practitioner Association. Her experience there gave her the understanding of the importance of having numbers in membership and in the bank. It takes both to have the power and respect to make a difference politically.

Nurses will never be able to change things politically without unified voice through membership and money. Nurses often spoke of not having enough money to be members and give to the organizations fighting for them. Janee realized she will have to find a way to make all nurses filthy rich!







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